AJ Tensile News Archive: 2019 July

More BioSphere gasholders on the way..!

Date posted: 31 July 2019
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Three BioSphere gasholders nearing completion for domestic and overseas markets. Designed and project managed by A J Tensile Biogas Systems Ltd and fabricated by the production team at A J Tensile Manufacturing Ltd, these large tensile fabric structures demonstrate the benefits of collaborative working in achieving the highest of standards.

AJTM Ltd nominated for the 2019 Monmouthshire Business Awards

Date posted: 31 July 2019
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We are proud to announce that A J Tensile Manufacturing Ltd has been nominated in the Excellence in Manufacturing category at the 2019 Monmouthshire Business Awards.

The Monmouthshire Business Awards celebrate cross-industry excellence and innovation in businesses of any size from all over the Old Monmouthshire region.

For the last nine years the MBAs have provided local businesses a prestigious platform on which to showcase their excellence for the past decade, culminating in an annual awards ceremony that brings together the county’s brightest business leaders.

Recognising individuals, teams and organisations from SMEs to large companies, the MBAs give entrants the opportunity to share best practice and promote personal and professional development.

Selangor digester roof membranes

Date posted: 17 July 2019
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Another successful collaboration between AJ Tensile Manufacturing and AJ Tensile Biogas Systems Ltd, these three double-membrane biogas digester roofs were produced and installed for Watermech Engineering in Selangor, a state on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Two of the membranes were over 25m in diameter with the third over 17m in diameter.

This project was awarded to our Manufacturing division who produced the membranes at our in-house manufacturing facility, with on-site installation supervision provided by our Biogas team. From commencement of installation on site to completion took only six days during January 2019, with local labour provided by the client. Project Management for production and installation was shared between AJ Tensile Manufacturing Ltd and AJ Tensile Biogas Systems Ltd.

The client was extremely happy with the finished result and the fact that the job had been completed within budget and within the agreed programme.

Another BioSphere gasholder for export

Date posted: 16 July 2019
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Finishing touches being applied to a large BioSphere gasholder for an overseas customer. Designed and project managed by our AJTBS biogas division and produced by our AJTM manufacturing team. As one of our production staff astutely observed: “Team work makes the dream work”.

AJTM helps IICON become reality at Glastonbury

Date posted: 5 July 2019
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Time-lapse video of the IICON stage construction: https://youtu.be/GGS_-FYXdHE

AJ Tensile Manufacturing Ltd are extremely proud to have been involved in the production of the landmark IICON Glastonbury DJ stage for Service Graphics and Block9. AJ Tensile Manufacturing Ltd produced the fabric Visor cover, the Bucket internal skin, the back wall banners and the back stage waterproofing screens. IICON was a brand new, immersive 3D surround sound arena in Block9 East on the Glastonbury site. Taking the form of a colossal anonymised head, IICON is a “pseudo-religious monument to the terrifying new realities emerging in our digital, post-truth age”. This immense sculptural artwork and stage boasts a 6-point ambisonic sound system and is animated by state-of-the-art video mapping.

Collaborative working reaps rewards

Date posted: 5 July 2019
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Our production division, AJ Tensile Manufacturing Ltd, putting the finishing touches to a small Biosphere gasholder for our biogas division, AJ Tensile Biogas Systems Ltd.

Design, project management and production all done by the same teams in the same facility for maximum efficiency.

Collaborative working at its best!