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Selangor digester roof membranes

Date posted: 17 July 2019
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Another successful collaboration between AJ Tensile Manufacturing and AJ Tensile Biogas Systems Ltd, these three double-membrane biogas digester roofs were produced and installed for Watermech Engineering in Selangor, a state on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Two of the membranes were over 25m in diameter with the third over 17m in diameter.

This project was awarded to our Manufacturing division who produced the membranes at our in-house manufacturing facility, with on-site installation supervision provided by our Biogas team. From commencement of installation on site to completion took only six days during January 2019, with local labour provided by the client. Project Management for production and installation was shared between AJ Tensile Manufacturing Ltd and AJ Tensile Biogas Systems Ltd.

The client was extremely happy with the finished result and the fact that the job had been completed within budget and within the agreed programme.