AJ Tensile Biogas Systems is a specialist innovator, designer, manufacturer and installer of flexible membrane biogas and syngas storage systems throughout the world.

Biogas systems are used to control the storage and distribution of biogas (generally 65% methane) generated by the anaerobic decomposition of organic waste. As such they are an increasingly important contributor to environmental protection by utilising renewable energies, reducing carbon footprints and minimising impact on our environment.

With decades of experience in the design, engineering and fabrication of biogas systems we have built an excellent reputation as an innovative, dependable partner, establishing long-standing relationships with our clients in all aspects of biogas control and distribution.

Our team of designers, engineers and project managers is headed up by Richard Cherry, Director of Engineering, who has over a quarter of a century of anaerobic digestion (AD) technology experience, having designed, engineered, managed, installed and commissioned numerous AD systems in their entirety. Richard was Managing Director of a number of leading AD companies, before setting up AJ Tensile Biogas Systems in association with AJ Tensile Fabrications Ltd in 2013. Richard was also MD, founding director and co-owner of Vergas Ltd, for whom AJ Tensile Fabrications manufactured all its gasholder membranes.

AD is rapidly becoming the technology of choice for organic waste treatment across the globe. AJ Tensile Biogas Systems has proved itself a highly skilled provider of the biogas handling technology, an essential and integral part of the AD process. With its own design and commissioning team fully integrated into (and on the same site as) the manufacturing workshop of AJ Tensile Fabrications Ltd, AJ Tensile Biogas Systems is the one-stop shop for all of your membrane biogas project requirements.